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Cutting kit

Wave 5.35

Type Wave 5.35

Wave 5.35

Type Wave 6.30

Wave 5.35

Type Wave 7.60

Wave 5.35

Build to last

Built to last a lifetime. Minimal maintenance, optimal enjoyment.

Fast and Comfortable

From leisurely family boating to wakeboarding on coastal waters, each model has plenty of power.

Made in Holland

Each model is made of high quality marine-resistant aluminum. Exclusively made in the Netherlands.

Known for phenomenal performance

The combination of appealing styling, low weight, rigidity, manoeuvrability, stability and the fantastic sailing characteristics with any type of engine makes the hearts of boaters beat faster.

The ultimate boating experience

With The Dutch Wave, adventure and experience come first! The specially designed aluminium hull shape that is enormously stiff, sturdy and stable, makes sailing the ultimate experience. Every type of Wave is known for phenomenal performance.