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Wave 6.30

The Wave 6.30 is the sportiest tender in the "Wave" series. A very stable boat with great sailing characteristics. This tender is ideal for sporty sailing trips. The tender can be equipped with up to 150 hp. Ready for any adventure.

Guide prices as of March 2024

Casco Wave 6.30: €24,820 incl. V.A.T.


Suitable for any type of water

Made of seawater-resistant aluminum (H111-5083), this means the Wave 6.30 is suitable for any type of water.

Dutch designed and built in the Netherlands

The Wave is designed in cooperation with a highly renowned ship designer from Friesland. Each Wave is built entirely in the Netherlands.

Completely maintenance-free

You have virtually no maintenance on our aluminum tenders. This means carefree boating. Aluminum boats hold their value and are 100% recyclable.

Fantastic sailing characteristics

The sailing characteristics of the "Wave" series are fantastic. They are characterized by their stability and comfort. You are always welcome for a trial run.




Boat type : Wave 6.30
Hull shape : V-shape with spray rail
Hull thickness : 5 mm, double
Designer : The Dutch Wave B.V.
Hull length : 6.30 m
Length waterline: 5.02 m
Hull width: 2.31 m
Tank capacity : 75 or 105 liters
Draught : 0.30 m
Air draught : 1,05 m
Construction type : Aluminium H111 Seawater resistant
Weight empty vessel : approx. 775 Kg
Design category : Category - C
Maximum engine power : 150 HP
Maximum load in kilos : 1000 Kg
Maximum number of persons : 8

"Meanwhile, we have four Wave's sailing around Marbella, which we are extremely satisfied with. The boats are rented out daily and are put through their paces heavily at sea. Every customer comes back with a big smile."




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